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QCA Training in February at Los Angeles Film School - Hollywood, CA

Dates & Location:
Feb 8 & 9 - 8:30am - 5pm each day
Los Angeles Film School
6363 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(877) 952-3456
Contact Rachael Appleton - rachael<@>

Qube! Certified Administrator Training

PipelineFX is proud to offer Qube! certification training. The Qube! Certified Administrator (QCA) certification validates the ability to install, configure, administer, and troubleshoot render farms using Qube! for digital media production. The curriculum is designed for university instructors, technical support staff, render pipeline engineers, Qube! reseller implementation and pre-sales engineers, IT consultants implementing Qube! for render farms, R&D engineers, render wranglers and IT personnel charged with deploying and/or managing a render farm. Training includes extensive hands-on lab time.

This 2 day course will be taught by John Burk. John was the first customer of PipelineFX at EA Vancouver in 2002 and is a Senior Software Developer and consultant at PipelineFX.  Prior to joining PipelineFX, John was a Senior Technical Director, Rendering at Laika Entertainment. He has also previously worked in rendering and film and animation production at Rainmaker Animation, Square L.A., Vanguard Animation, Spin West VFX, Radical Entertainment and Mainframe Entertainment. 

Training Agenda - 8:30am - 5pm

Day 1: Installation and Configuration
Qube installation
Introduction to Qube!
Qube! features and terminology
Site preparation for install
Qube! installation and initial configuration
Testing and troubleshooting Qube! installation
Support procedures and resources
Using Qube!
Using the Qube! GUI
Submitting jobs
Monitoring and controlling jobs
Monitoring and locking hosts
Troubleshooting job execution

Day 2: Administration and Troubleshooting
Basic administration
Using the Qube! GUI for administration
Supervisor configuration
Worker configuration
User and group permissions
Advanced administration and configuration
Resource configuration and reservations
Cross-platform path translation
Mounting and accessing server shares
Qube! optimization strategies and best practices
Using the Qube! APIs
Web-based reporting

Pricing per person:
Commercial & Government - $1,600
Education faculty and staff - $800
Students - $400

Bring your Mac or Windows laptop!

"I've been using Qube for a number of years now, and I can say that I know it quite well. But even for an administrator like me, I found the QCA training to be quite informative and a really good forum for picking up things that I missed in the past and discussing different ways of implementation and optimization. I would recommend the QCA to anybody who wants to start learning Qube and even to those who have already been using it for a while. I'm sure that you, like I did, will pick-up some new insight while you're there! Thanks PipelineFX!"
- Jason Navarro