Author Topic: PipelineFX 3dsmax, maya, and xsi jobtypes 6.0.x maintenance releases available  (Read 3101 times)


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New maintenance releases of the 3dsmax (6.0.1), maya (6.0.2) and xsi (6.0.2) are available now.

Changes from their previous versions are listed below.

@RELEASE: 6.0-1

This release is designed to work with Qube! version 6.0-x.

@FIX: attempt to fix "3dsmax.exe PID not found" error
   ZD: 2466 2329

@FIX: adjusted code to NOT render to default image output file even if the
   outputfile parameter is empty, if render elements are present in the
   In some cases, it was generating unneeded image files.
   ZD: 3380

@FIX: in-app submission fixed to take frame range values from correct source.
   BUGZID: 63469

@FIX: Added "use File::Temp;" to fix issue with DBR not working.
   ZD: 2466

@FIX: modified code that replaces backslashes to forward slashes in the
   scenefile path before passing it to the "qube.exe" command line as one of
   the args.
   It was causing UNC paths to not work with 3dsmax batch render jobs, because
   the "copy" command expects UNC paths to use backslashes.

   ZD: 2281

@FIX: modified regex to detect 3dsmax Design versions properly also, in

   ZD: 2281

@FIX: Adding agenda_timeout support for legacy 3dsmax jobtype API.
   Note that the 3dsmax jobtype API's fron-tend support has been obsoleted,
   and the back-end code may also be obsoleted soon, so it is not recommended
   to be used in any new code.  Old code should be modified to use python,
   perl, or the c++ Qube API.
   ZD: 2229

@NEW: Added feature to tell subjob to NOT create a working copy of the
   scenefile, or to copy it to a local tmp folder instead of the default,
   which is the original scene folder.
   ZD: 1719

@DOCS: updated 3dsmax/README-DBR.txt with V-Ray DR info.
   ZD: 1709

@RELEASE: 6.0-2


This maintenance release adds out-of-the-box support for Maya 2012 and
"Subscription Advantage Pack" distributions, as well as a few bug fixes.

@CHANGE: add in "Subscription Advantage Pack" paths

@CHANGE: add support for Maya 2012

@FIX: fixed issue where extraneous folders are created in incorrect locations
   if a resource directory name (as returned by "workspace -q -fileRule")
   contains space characters.

   ZD: 2245

@FIX: added code to properly parse the stderr/stdout to catch multilple image
   output paths when multi-pass mental ray renders are performed, and
   correctly put it in OutputPaths.

   ZD: 2056

@FIX: fixed code to properly feedback the output path to the resultpackage,
   even if the "ignoreRenderTimeErrors" is set.

   ZD: 1912

@CHANGE: mayajt: removing built-in (and questionable) frame-retry from

@CHANGE: added "Autodesk" directories to the glob() call in

@RELEASE: 6.0-2


This is a maintenance release, with a few fixes, and one new feature, where a
user may submit separate jobs representing each pass in the scene.

@FIX: xsi jobtype: when requestwork() returns "waiting", the backend should
   sleep and retry.
   ZD: 3457

@FIX: xsi jt issue where unwanted passes will be rendered if the scene
   contains passes with names that are substrings of the specified
   (to-be-rendered) pass
   BUGZID: 63266

@NEW: xsijt: added "Submit Job Per Pass..." Qube menu option, which allows the
   submission of each pass in the scene as a separate job.
   Also updated USAGE section in the README to reflect the change.
@FIX: xsijt: fixed OnQubeSubmit() and OnQubeSubmitBatch() to respect
     "FrameRangeSource", and pick up the correct frame range.
   BUGZID: 673421