Author Topic: PipelineFX Qube 6.2.1 Core/Supervisor/Worker maintenance release is available  (Read 5780 times)


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A new 6.2.1 maintenance release is now available for the Qube 6.2 Core/Supervisor/Worker. This is a recommended release for all customers running Qube v6.2.

Below is a list of the fixes and enhancements since the last point-release.

@RELEASE: 6.2.1

==== CL 8811 ====
@FIX: fixed worker installer to start the worker service iff the system has not already turned it OFF via chkconfig.

ZD: 4286

==== CL 8798 ====
@NEW: optimization when submitting big groups of jobs via qbsubmit() loaded with callbacks and dependencies
Fixed reported issue where submission performance will degrade linearly proportional to the number of jobs in the queue.

==== CL 8767 ====
@FIX: install datawarehouse plists on OSX (missing from installer package)

==== CL 8760 ====
@UPDATE: Administration.doc with details about the new worker_boot_diagnostic_retries and worker_boot_diagnostics_retry_interval parameters

BUGZID: 63600

==== CL 8755 ====
@FIX: Added worker_boot_diagnostics_retries and worker_boot_diagnostics_retry_interval

These new configuration parameters tell the worker to automatically retry the boot-time
diagnostic routines for "worker_boot_diagnostics_retries" times, with
"worker_boot_diagnostics_retry_interval" seconds of sleep time inbetween the retries.
By default, they are set to 1 and 30 (seconds) respectively.  These values may be
set in the local qb.conf file, or in the qbwrk.conf file.

@FIX: issue where worker will "panic" when proxy settings are set in the remote qbwrk.conf file.

BUGZID: 63600 63422 63407
ZD: 3650 1638 2035

==== CL 8717 ====
@FIX: logs written into a "hidden" file, in "log/user/.hst", which grows very large

Actions initiated by the supe (as opposed to a particular user), such as
"starting a subjob on worker", were logged into this hidden ".hst"
file. Fixed it so the file has a special folder/name,

Also modified code so that if the "user" flag was ommitted from the
"supervisor_log_flags", then this user action logging is disabled

BUGZID: 62030

==== CL 8713 ====
@FIX: turned off worker debug-level logging that accidentally made it into the 6.2.0 release.

==== CL 8712 ====
@FIX: issue where worker processes will stall when a config field, such as "worker_description" has quotes in them.

==== CL 8704 ====
@FIX: support bash exported function definitions, which are saved as multi-line environment variable values

BUGZID: 63624
ZD: 4100

==== CL 8693 ====
@FIX: fix "ERROR 1290 (HY000) at line 31 in file: '.\create_stored_programs.sql'" on new Windows installations
@FIX: fix Windows 5.15-beta version specific SQL syntax error (does not exhibit in later versions of MySQL)

==== CL 8668 ====
@FIX: fix "/etc/rc.d/init.d/supervisor: line 139: [: /var/spool/qube/user/jburk/jburk.hst: binary operator expected" error message in supervisor startup


==== CL 8662 ====
@UPDATE: update doc with mail_from parameter description.
BUGZID: 63591

==== CL 8654 ====
@FIX: Made the qube-core RPM "obsolete" the "qube" package, to
accomodate the change in RPM package name.

BUGZID: 63611
ZD: 3950

==== CL 8641 ====
@FIX: added more details to default qb.conf template's description of proxy_nice_value, and also included explanation for Windows.
Also corrected the commented-out default proxy_account to "qubeproxy" (from "proxyuser") in the same qb.conf.template.

@DOC: update proxy_nice_value doc accordingly.

==== CL 8598 ====
@NEW: add sample perl-based submit script that submits jobs with per-work email notification callbacks.
ZD: 3854