Author Topic: PipelineFX QubeGUI 6.2.1maintenance release is available.  (Read 1947 times)


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PipelineFX QubeGUI 6.2.1maintenance release is available.
« on: July 26, 2011, 09:49:28 PM »
A new 6.2.1 maintenance release is now available for the QubeGUI v6.2. This is a recommended release for all customers running QubeGUI v6.2.

Below is a list of the fixes and enhancements.


@NEW:       retrieve all jobs in a pgrp when pgrp is selected in the "MetaJob" view;
            the joblist can be incomplete due to jobs being fetched per page, may not have all jobs for the processGroup.

@NEW:       add 3ds Max 2012 support.

@NEW:       only show "Get Next n Jobs" button when "query MySQL" is enabled

@NEW:       add support for CS 5.5

@NEW:       add support for LW10 on 64-bit OSX - platform() now returns '11' instead of 'MACINTOSH' or 'MACUB'

@CHANGE:    be more informative when creating or deleting desktopWorker startup shortcuts on Windows.

@FIX:       fix GUI crash on startup when attempting to determine total number of jobs in Qube.  BUGZID 63637

@FIX:       fix GUI crash on startup, catch case where client_priority is set to a null-string or non-integer value

@FIX:       GUI: clear prgp filter value from joblist search/filter control when hiding MetaJob panel

@FIX:       fix gui crash occuring during update of downstream dependencies

@FIX:       catch more cases where jobInfo items are invalid job objects

@FIX:       fix AfterEffects CS 5 error: