Author Topic: Qube! 6.4-5 WranglerView maintenance release is available  (Read 2110 times)


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Qube! 6.4-5 WranglerView maintenance release is available
« on: May 03, 2013, 10:24:25 PM »
A new 6.4-5 maintenance release is now available for the Qube 6.4 WranglerView. This is a recommended release for all customers running Qube v6.4.

The release notes are listed here, and also available at
@FIX: performance improvement due to bug introduced in code change for 6.4-2
that allowed for the job list to update with new data when switching
supervisors. Drastically cuts down on the number of "config query" operations
appearing in the supelog, speeds up WV refresh.

@FIX: data warehouse charts now get data from new supervisor when supervisor is

@FIX: save OS Version from the ExecPathBuilder (version spinCtrls) in the
prefs, set the OS Version from the prefs when the submission UI is launched.

@FIX: ValueError: max() arg is an empty sequence error when displaying
Resources tab in Worker View when no global resources are defined

@FIX: editing supevisor config with WranglerView->Admin->Configure causes the
'submit_job' privilege to be removed from supervisor_default_security

@FIX: properly stop/start daemons on linux if the root user

@FIX: "KeyError: '-renderThreads'" error message when attempting to launch the
Maya submission UI after setting 'Use All Cores'' to True in the defaults

@FIX: eliminate extraneous "MySQL connection failure to localhost" warning
messages, caused by testing to see if local host is the MySQL server; use a
different approach which doesn't generate these warnings

@FIX: fix duplicate logging messages; clear out any logHandlers that get added
by an import statement that caused a logging records to be emitted before the
main application initializes the logging; these logHandlers cause duplicated
logging messages to be printed

@FIX: Maya BatchRender AppFinder jobs re-submit at cmdrange jobs and fail due
to executable still be named __MAYA__

@FIX: only print warnings on malformed worker resources or properties in debug

@FIX: only print warnings on malformed worker resources or properties in debug

@FIX: fix elapsedTimes of 4000+ days when startTime is unknown

@FIX: fix negative elapsed times for job average times

@FIX: use API call to get qube epoch time offset value, not magic number

@FIX: Install->AppUI->AppFinder (aerender)" creates a Qube directory but does
not install any .jsx files on Windows

New features
@NEW: Admin->Configure Local Host now creates a timestamped backup of the
qb.conf file in the same location as the original

@NEW: Admin->Configure Local Host is now disabled on Windows and Linux if not
invoked by root (linux) or Admin-equivalent (Windows)

@NEW: Worker view can be hidden as a user preference

@NEW: add support for specifying the destination directory for the pre-instance
copy of the Max scene which is used for rendering

@NEW: add 'notes' field to metaJob panel, shows the notes for the pgrp leader

@NEW: threadControl section to mayabatch appFinder jobtype submission UI

@NEW: add 'file not found' to C4D error strings for regex_errors

Changes in behavior
@CHANGE: Admin->Display Config (local) changed to Admin->Display Running
Config, shows supervisor and/or worker running config if these services are
running locally

@CHANGE: Admin->Configure (Local) changed to Admin->Configure Local Host

@COSMETIC: File->Install AppUI menu items now sorted alphabetically

@CHANGE: attempting to stop/start the worker or supervisor as non-root (linux)
or non-Admin-equivalent (Windows) will raise a "Operation Not Permitted" dialog

@CHANGE: mutually exclusive renderThread controls useAllCores and
coupleSlotsToThreads don't disable each other, just cause the other section to
be ignored.

@COSMETIC: message widgets are presented in a StaticBox control now for better

@CHANGE: don't attempt to retire or retry job instances when modifying job.cpus
up or down, these actions are now performed by the supervisor, and the
duplicated functionality is causing race conditions and odd behavior.

@CHANGE: ensure that mayabatch renderThreads default to 1 for s/w, mentalray,
vray, and 3delight batchRender submission UI's

@CHANGE: include job id when printing errors about dependency field values like
"Unexpected dependency field item" and "Error evaluating dependency info"

@CHANGE: removed WranglerView's dependency on api module qb.query, moved all
SQL-related code into local qbMySQL module, customers can now more safely
update WV now without (necessarily) needing to update qube core modules.