Author Topic: Qube! 6.5-1 Core/Supervisor/Worker maintenance release is available  (Read 1578 times)


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A new 6.5-1 maintenance release is now available for the Qube 6.5 Core/Supervisor/Worker. This is a recommended release for all customers running Qube v6.5.

The release notes are listed here, and also available at

==== CL 11687 ====
@NEW: add support for Adobe's Creative Cloud 'CC' version numbering scheme

==== CL 11685 ====
@FIX: erroneous "timecumulative" of instances (subjobs)


==== CL 11682 ====
@FIX: removed "Configure Qube" menu item from workertray.exe

==== CL 11654 ====
@NEW: added worker_boot_delay to qb.conf.template

==== CL 11631 ====
@CHANGE: modified the new worker_boot_delay (CL11605) to default to 0 seconds on ALL platforms.

ZD: 9386

==== CL 11614 ====
@FIX: The "Administrator" user didn't properly get permissions to manipulate others' jobs, due to case sensitivity.

JIRA: QUBE-142   

==== CL 11605 ====
@FIX: added worker_boot_delay to qb.conf, which specifies the number of seconds to artificially delay (i.e. sleep) before the worker boots.

This was added in order to work around a boot-time timing issue with networking/hostname assignment on the Mac OS X platform, where many machines are incorrectly identified as "localhost".

As such, by default, worker_boot_delay is set to 30 seconds on the Mac, and 0 (i.e., no delay) on other platforms.

To override the default, worker_boot_delay *must* be set in the local qb.conf file on each worker-- setting it in qbwrk.conf won't work.

ZD: 9386

==== CL 11484 ====
@FIX: appFinder jobs error out at setup with "raise error, v # invalid expression, bad group name" exception raised by python re module

==== CL 11470 ====
@FIX: random Worker crashes on Windows DU mode-- worker "commiting suicide", i.e. killing it's own worker.exe process when removing job processes.

==== CL 11460 ====
@FIX: added code to "generate movie" jobs, to support frame ranges that don't start at 1 with conversions using ffmpeg

@FIX: also added a leading "." to the movie_ext choice strings, which is required.

ZD: 9745

==== CL 11428 ====
@CHANGE: large re-write, not backward-compatible with previous argument spec
@CHANGE: will only delete jobs where all jobs in the job's pgrp completed more than X days ago
@CHANGE: added --removeOrphanedLogs functionality, will delete log directories for jobs no longer present in Qube
@CHANGE: does not require MySQLdb module, but runs faster with it.

==== CL 11424 ====
@FIX: patched crash bug in supervisor (QbSupervisorQueue::_subjobProcReservation())

ZD: 9654

==== CL 11394 ====
@CHANGE: add deprecation warnings to python qb module accessor method, prints once per location

==== CL 11390 ====
@FIX: Global resource collector error occurs on MySQL servers running in STRICT mode: "Field 'total' doesn't have a default value"