Author Topic: Important message for all users with Windows-based Qube workers and supervisors  (Read 2285 times)


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Do your Windows 7, XP, or Vista machines (both the supervisor and workers) have "Microsoft Security Essentials" (MSE) installed?  We have had recent customer reports claiming MSE being installed and updated without the knowledge of the local systems Administrator, and negatively affecting the stability of their Qube! render farm.

In particular, we have confirmed that recent updates to MSE will slow down Qube's worker service to a point where it will often drop communications with the supervisor.  One obvious symptom seen is the workers frequently being marked "down" by the supervisor and not properly processing jobs. Another one is the workers writing extremely slowly to the workerlog file (each line of log output being several seconds apart).

To fix/prevent related issues, please make the following MSE configuration change on all of your Windows 7/XP/Vista Qube worker and supervisor machines:

  • Open Microsoft Security Essentials
  • click the "Settings" tab
  • click