Author Topic: command line maya scene submission issue in qube using qbsub  (Read 6957 times)


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We scussfully submitted maya scene file through command line in qube using qbsub command.

we are facing one problem while submitting job, by default it is taking maya 2009 mayabatch.exe. We have multiple projects running on the floor we need to change maya version dynamically.

Below is command successfully submitted in qube:
\>qbsub --account Abhi --name xxxx_108_001_178_LIT_CH_001_01 --priority 99 --groups high --cpus 10 --processors 8 -range 101-269 Render -s QB_FRAME_START
e QB_FRAME_END -rd "V:\xxxx\WorkArea\Rendering\xxxx_108\178\RETAKE\xxxx_108_001_178_LIT_CH_001_01" -proj "V:\xxxx" -renderer "mr" "V:\xxxx\WorkArea\Rendering\xxxx_108\178\RETAKE\xxxx_108_001_178_LIT"



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Re: command line maya scene submission issue in qube using qbsub
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2014, 05:43:17 PM »
This is happening because the command being run does not specify the full path to the Render executable, so it looks in the system's PATH variable, and the first copy found happens to be in the Maya 2009 installation.

The solution is quite simple, you just need to replace the 'Render' in

    -range 1-10 Render -s QB_FRAME_START

with the full path to the `Render' executable where it is installed on the worker, as in

    -range 1-10 "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2012\bin\Render.exe"r -s QB_FRAME_START

and don't forget to enclose the full path in double-quotes due to the space in C:\Program Files.