Author Topic: Jobs does not finish and start again on new render node  (Read 5047 times)


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Jobs does not finish and start again on new render node
« on: May 05, 2015, 02:16:55 PM »

Maybe somebody here will be more helpfull than official helpdesk.

We are VERY iritating issue with CUBE.
We submitts many 3ds max jobs and many of them can not be finished becouse of strange qube behaviour. Scenario look like this:

1 we submitt the job
2 qube accepts the job
3 qube send the job to one free node (lets call it node A)
4 node nicely start the rendering and everything is fine
5 Render is going smooth for c.a. 20min
6 Then without any trace of error, qube just change the render node for that job to node B (another computer in renderfarm) and starts to render on it from the begining.
7 The job is still running on node A (but qube shows it does not, and worker status is visible as idle).
8 The same job is started by qube on render node B
9 ......after next c.a. 20 min qube will again change the render node from B to C, etc, etc

Also at the render begining, on the worker, the process "3dsmax.exe"  immeditly detach from "perl.exe" and qube scripts has no control over it. It can not be killed from qube! wrangler view from example. Qube! says it is killed, but on the worker "3dsmax.exe" is still running, becouse it is detached from process which has started it and run on its own hand

So in big short - qube after some time of rendering change the render node to another and start the rendering from begining. It does not show any visible error. Just start again and again the same job, each time on new node. Whats more qube "thinks" he killed the process on previous node (idle status), but this is not true - render process is still running on that machine.
When we run jobs that render shortly, it complete it, when rendering is taking some time it starts to change from node to node as above.

We are almost UNABLE to finish ANY job with that software!

We are running:
QUBE 6.6
40 identical render nodes with windows 8.1, workers in desktop user mode
supervisor on windows 8.1 machine
3ds MAX 2015
Vray 2.5
We runned over 1000 jobs for testing, always the same issue. Does not matter if we use DBR or not, if we use VrayFrameBuffer or not,

Please help! I am desperated.

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