Author Topic: Google Uses Multi-Layered Controls to Protect Data in the Cloud  (Read 4561 times)

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Google Uses Multi-Layered Controls to Protect Data in the Cloud
« on: January 18, 2017, 07:25:55 PM »
Google circulates a new whitepaper that appears designed to reassure Google Cloud Platform customers that their data is protected by multiple layers of physical and cyber-security.

Data security and trust have long been major concerns for organizations considering cloud-computing options.  In an apparent bid to allay these fears among its customers at least, Google has released a new whitepaper enumerating the complex multi-layered strategy the company uses to protect enterprise data in the cloud.
The paper shows that Google has deployed security controls in six progressive layers starting with physical and hardware security at the bottom and operational security controls at the top of the stack.

A lot of the technology in Google's data centers is home built and incorporates what the company claims are multiple physical security controls.

Access to Google's data centers is tightly restricted and only a "very small fraction" of Google employees ever have access to the facilities housing the systems that power the company's range of cloud computing services. Security measures for controlling facility access include biometric identification, laser-based intrusion detection systems, vehicle barriers, metal detection and webcams.

Full story by By Jaikumar Vijayan
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