Author Topic: FIXED: Qube 7.0-0 supervisor - jobs reserving a global resource never start  (Read 2283 times)


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UPDATE: this has been fixed in 7.0-0a, released 5/31/2018 at 12:00 PDT

The 7.0-0 supervisor has a known bug which prevents jobs reserving a global resource from running.  These jobs stay in the "pending" state forever and are not dispatched.   We are actively working on this, and will be releasing a 7.0-0a patch in the next few days.

Customers using Qube's global resource feature in production should wait until 7.0-0a is available before upgrading.

This topic will be updated once this issue is fixed, and we will also be posting in our Announcements forum.  We'd recommend subscribing to either this topic or the Announcements in order to receive notifications when 7.0-0a is available.
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