Author Topic: Maintenance Release 7.0-2 of Qube! Now Available  (Read 1360 times)


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Maintenance Release 7.0-2 of Qube! Now Available
« on: August 16, 2018, 11:55:49 PM »
Today, we have released the 7.0-2 version of Qube!. It is a maintenance release with fixes for Qube! 7.0, and is a recommended upgrade for anyone running any version of Qube 7.0.

The highlighted changes and fixes are:
  • @CHANGE: add code to check supervisor_max_threads relative to the DB server's max_connections, and adjust it if it's too large.
  • @FIX: qbhosts, qbjobs, qblock, and qbmodify commands' "-group" option not working as expected.
  • @FIX: qbjobs should be case-insensitive for user name; qbhosts should be case-insensitive for host names
  • @FIX: fix issue where Qube 7 Perl API module doesn't load on Linux, causing Perl-based jobs such as the Maya jobtype job not be able to run.
  • @FIX: Qube API module for python 2.6 (_qb26.pyd) not loading on Windows

See the associated changes in the release notes:

Download the Qube Installer:
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