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PipelineFX Offers Online Software License Rentals
« on: September 07, 2007, 10:17:15 PM »
Customers Can Rent Qube!? Render Farm Management Software Licenses 24x7 to Instantly Scale Their Rendering Capacity

Honolulu, HI ? September 7, 2007 ? PipelineFX, makers of Qube!? software, the leading render farm management software for film production, game development, and digital media education around the world, today announced that software licenses can now be purchased online 24x7 via the PipelineFX website,

?We are excited to be the first render farm management software company to offer automated, online software license rentals,? said Richard Lewis, VP of Sales for PipelineFX. ?Our customers have told us that having licenses available any hour of the day or night for last minute production needs is a tremendous benefit to today?s complex render pipelines. We?ve responded with an automated system that provides licenses on demand, helping customers get through production spikes and meet sudden deadlines.?

The PipelineFX license rental program allows existing Qube! customers to obtain additional software licenses to augment their existing Qube!-based render farm. Rented licenses are commonly used to add artists? desktops to the farm for extra rendering capacity, or to service rented rendering servers that have been contracted to finish a project. Customers can use their credit card to purchase the license rentals, and within minutes will have a new license file that can be quickly appended to their existing license, and the additional rendering capacity is immediately available.

?We have always been committed to partnering with our customers to get their production work done on-time and as efficiently as possible,? said Troy Brooks, CEO of PipelineFX. ?Renting licenses on-demand is a great way to cost effectively scale an entire render pipeline very quickly. Modern artists? desktops are very fast and able to add significant rendering capacity when added to a render farm, even if just over a weekend. Also, as studios rent server hardware more frequently to finish productions, our online rental strategy fits nicely with our customers? need to scale up rapidly.?
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