Author Topic: Upgrading to Qube 5.3: Removing duplicate Worker/Host entries  (Read 5569 times)

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When upgrading to Qube 5.3, you may notice duplicate Worker entries when doing a "qbhosts" command or the QubeGUI showing a "down" host when you know it is active. 

Qube 5.3 has standardized the MAC address to use, though this may not be the same one used in Qube 5.2 and earlier.  The QubeGUI keys off of the hostname for ease of use, though the main Qube system really keys off of the MAC address.  Normally this is not an issue, unless there are duplicate host entries (seen most recently in the upgrade to 5.3).

Remove the stale duplicate host entries.  See the Knowledge Base on "How do you remove a duplicate 'down' host?"
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