Author Topic: Vision Globale Implements Qube! for Render Farm Management of Visual Effects  (Read 2292 times)


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Honolulu, Hawaii ? June 11, 2008 - PipelineFX, makers of Qube!? render farm management software for film production, game development, and digital media education, today announced that Vision Globale has implemented Qube! for render farm management of visual effects projects.

"We chose Qube! to manage our render farm because Qube! allows our artists to concentrate on their art," said Patrick Boucher, Technical Director at Vision Globale. "It definitely makes render farm management, however simple or complex you need it to be in the background, as simple as fire-and-forget for the artists."

The Vision Globale visual effects team, with VES award-nominated (Race to Mars, 2008) visual effects supervisor Olivier Goulet at its helm, has recently worked on numerous film productions including Le Pi?ge Am?ricain from Charles Binam?, Cruising Bar II from Robert M?nard and Maman est chez le Coiffeur from L?a Pool. The visual effects team has also been awarded many commercial projects for clients such as D?fense Nationale, Volkswagen, Danone and Garnier, among others as well as music vid?o projects for the likes of Patrick Watson, Stars and most recently Jonathan Painchaud. The team's next projects include feature films Le Bonheur de Pierre from Robert M?nard and Grande Ourse - La Cl? des Possible whose entire postproduction pipeline, including computer graphics and visual effects, will be completely in 4K.

"Qube! was used in practically every one of our productions that included CG and we have since extended our use of the software to our compositing team," said Boucher. "In the future we plan to leverage Qube!'s customizability to have it better fit our particular needs while maintaining its robustness and scalability."


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