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PipelineFX Releases updated version of Qube! 5.4
« on: November 14, 2008, 03:39:44 AM »
PipelineFX is pleased to announce the release of an updated 5.4x version of Qube! This includes bringing the Qube! Core and Job Types up to the current version with several changes and enhancements.  The Qube! GUI update also includes a number of fixes and new features.   All changes to Qube! are detailed below
You can find the latest installers through the following links:

Qube Core 5.4.0 Release Notes
@BUGFIX: qbarchivejob API call now properly escaping the & character that was causing qbrecoverjob to fail. BUGZID: 60432
@BUGFIX: Added code to check for valid jobid parameter. BUGZID: 60410 60398 60372
@BUGFIX: Fixed msi building code so that wix will automatically generate the product code and package id. BUGZID: 52575
@BUGFIX: Fixed qbupdateresource() routine to return FALSE if the requesting user doesn't have permissions. BUGZID: 60257
@BUGFIX: Fixed QbSmtp email library code to accept comma-separated list of "TO:" addresses for sending email. BUGZID: 53472
@BUGFIX: Fixed bug where "qbadmin supe -set/unset VARIABLE" was not working. BUGZID: 53750 60270
@BUGFIX: Patched issue where a agenda-item would be dispatched to more than 1 subjob. BUGZID: 59928
@BUGFIX: Added code to release subjobs after auto-completion. BUGZID: 59847
@BUGFIX: Identified and fixed a bug in call to execl() when a non-default shell had been specified. BUGZID: 59169
@BUGFIX: Added calls to agendum.release() in QbSupervisor::requestWork(). BUGZID: 58270
@BUGFIX: Fixed typo: "aberant" -> "aberrant". Added more useful info to print, when "aberrant report" is detected.
@BUGFIX: Fixed broken code to fetch consistent mac addr of host on Linux. BUGZID: 56428
@CHANGE: Optimization to QbEnv::setToEnv().
@CHANGE: Optimization to QbDaemon::reply().
@FEATURE: Patched for RHEL5 64 support.
@BUGFIX: Docs: Adding missing fields to the Job properties list in the inline docs. There were about 10 missing fields.
@CHANGE: Python API: sorting the job properties in alphabetical order.
@CHANGE: Made "lazy" flag of qb.conf::"database_flags" be turned on by default. BUGZID: 56293
@CHANGE: Added slightly more useful info to print upon thread exception on Windows, in QbPreForkDaemon::ChildLaunch().
@BUGFIX: Optimizations and fixes related to the "restriction" table.
@BUGFIX: Commented out "pre-check" in the QbFarm::restrict() routine
@BUGFIX: Added code to request the worker to send it's current status when it rejects a job dispatch.
@BUGFIX:           Added code to request the worker to send it's current status when it says it's "full" upon a job dispatch.
@BUGFIX:           Fixed a bug, encountered while smoke-testing the above fixes, where a slight synchronization error of the worker host resources (such as
                "host.X=1/2") would cause the supe thread to be in an "infinte-loop" type of situation, trying to assign the same job over and over.
@BUGFIX: Added code to zero the worker's jobslot count when "host is full" message is returned.
@BUGFIX: Modified code to fix issues with "restriction" table.
                Mod includes database table format change
                The restriction table also has been changed to use the "MEMORY" (HEAP) engine.
@CHANGE: Adding additional doc info on pgrp and label to denote that the combo has to be unique.
@CHANGE: Added some more debugging info to print when "delayed request" comes in. BUGZID: 52641 52857
@CHANGE: Expose the "pgrp" again for submission.
                Clearing out the previous "pgrp"-removal-on-submission workaround for the qb.submit() crash.
                It appears that the workaround is no longer needed and the crash does not occur.         
@CHANGE: Added a bit more info to the message that prints when a "delayed request" comes in. BUGZID: 52641 52857
@BUGFIX: Fixed additional bug causing issues with qbusers and group permission. BUGZID: 50856 50755 51746
                Added a default "executableName()" routine, which returns execuable names from job.conf if
                available ("app_exec_names" param)to
                Also added "glob" capability when specifying executable names in
@BUGFIX: Fixed API bug where group permission setting didn't work at all. BUGZID: 50856 50755
@FEATURE: Adding Python2.5 support for RHEL_WS-4-x86_64 BUGZID: 43455 48992
@CHANGE: Minor changes.  Adjusted wait timeout milliseconds when requestWork() gets "QB_AGENDUM_RESERVED".
                Also slightly modified log message.
QubeGUI 5.4.2 Release Notes
@FIX:       Dependencies: Track up and downstream dependencies for legacy format <state>-<type>-<id> (ie. done-job-1234)
                along with link format introduced in 5.3 link-<state>-<type>-<id> (ie. link-done-job-1234)
@FIX:       SimpleCmd: All "choice" parameters will default to the first item unless a default is specified.
                This provides consistancy across all platforms as now Linux and Windows will choose the first
                item as done by OSX by default.
@FIX:       Maya submission: On Windows and Linux, "mentalray_satellite" parameter now defaults to "None" instead of
                the incorrect default "Complete (2 CPUs)".

@FIX:       Output Panel: Handle exceptions if PIL Image library not able to load image. Fall back on wx.Image library.
@FIX:       Install: (on Windows) Install PIL _imaging.pyd file to the pfx/qube/bin/ directory
@FIX:       Re-enabling wildcard * searching/filtering, added ^ for search string prefix and $ for suffix to denote beginning or ending string matching
@FIX:       Adding maya batch mode check for MayaBatch in-app submission scripts
@FIX:       For MiGen jobtype, adding "project" field
@FIX:       For MiGen jobtype, correcting values for "nopath" and "nochange"
@FIX:       For AfterEffects, adding feedback on installation success in-app submission
@FIX:       For AfterEffects on OSX, making in-app submission dialog non-modal
@FIX:       For AfterEffects, handle spaces in pathnames for Windows
@FIX:       For AfterEffects, handle \ to / conversion for Windows
@FIX:       For AfterEffects, setting disable_windows_job_object flag by default to fix intermittant launching issue
@FIX:       For Maya BatchRender, -rd option now browses for directory.
@FIX:       For Maya BatchRender, "rman" renderer in-app submission dialog now properly launches.
@FIX:       For Maya BatchRender, adding default paths to executable
@FIX:       For Maya Mel, adding default paths to executable
@FIX:       For Mentalray standalone, "range" parameter now optional to handle single .mi files, rearranged parameters.
@FIX:       For Mentalray standalone, adding to the "help" for the parameters
@FIX:       For XSI, synced list of parameters exposed in the QubeGUI submission dialog with the in-app submission
@FIX:       For Nuke (on Windows), fixed the commandline used to launch the QubeGUI submission dialog
@FIX:       For Maya BatchRender (on Windows), adjusted the commandline used to launch the QubeGUI submission dialog
@FIX:       For 3dsMax BatchRender, commented out "show help" and "show examples" flags, since used for rendering
@FIX:       For Rhino, fixed commandline to use specified renderer and not just the standard Rhino renderer.
@FIX:       For Rhino, added parameters for Renderer and Viewport.  Added additional refinement to existing parameters.
@FIX:       For Rhino, updated help text typo.
@FEATURE:   Select the first job in the JobList when a metajob is selected in the MetaJob panel
@FEATURE:   Clear job filter upon metajob panel hide
@FEATURE:   For 3dsMax, adding options for 3dsMax 2009 submission dialog
@FEATURE:   Adding the Animal Logic MayaMan Simplecmd
Jobtype 5.4.0 Release Notes
@CHANGE: Built for Qube! version 5.4-x

@CHANGE: Built for Qube! version 5.4-x
@FEATURE: Added qbmail and qbmailaddress options to

@NOTE: One should instead the "Fusion (ConsoleSlave)" jobtype built-in to the QubeGUI for Fusion 5.1 and above.
@CHANGE: Built for Qube! version 5.4-x

@CHANGE: Built for Qube! version 5.4-x

@CHANGE: Built for Qube! version 5.4-x
@FIX: Added a new regex to fatal_regexs. BUGZID: 55237
@FIX: Added $successRegex for mayaHardware renders. BUGZID: 53651
@FEATURE: Added code specific to supporting turtle 3.1 and above.
@FEATURE: Added "qbtimelimit" option to BUGZID: 51568
@FIX: Fixed mayajt bug where a plugin (renderer) may not load corretly.
                In particular, this was causing the 3delight renderer plugin not to load
@FIX: Added workaround for issues with Paint FX scenes. BUGZID: 51243
@FIX: Removed seemingly unnecessary code in timeout "nudging" mechanism,
                in hopes of fixing a related "false-negative" bug. BUGZID: 46326 47978
@FIX: Added "-qbmail", "-qbmailaddress", and "ignoreRenderTimeErrors"
                options to BUGZID: 51201
@FIX: Made sure that paths are dirmapped. BUGZID: 50760

@CHANGE: Built for Qube! version 5.4-x
@FIX: Fixed issue where a single frame error will "stick" and also
                fail subsequent frames. BUGZID: 60363
@FIX: Fixed issue where backend "execute()" wasn't returning the
                correct status. Also added code to handle "waiting"
                status. BUGZID: 52935
@FEATURE: Adding MRay 3.6.1(for Maya 2008).  Enabling Renderman
                standalone submission.

@CHANGE: Built for Qube! version 5.4-x
@FIX:Fixed typo in vaiable name "$midir". BUGZID: 56565 57194
@FIX: Made sure that paths are dirmapped. BUGZID: 50760
@FIX: Adding code to set project dir properly, so that mental ray
                images are output to projdir/images/.  Adding code to better
                handle package vars.  Adding code to actually handle package
                parameters, such as miFragmentExport.  (it had been silently
                ignored...)  BUGZID: 50451
@FIX: Fixing bug in dependency, where render job wasn't being
                unblocked when the parent miGen job is done, when submitted from
                the qubegui.
                Also made slight change in the trigger event (from "done-" to
                "complete-") for in-app submitted migen jobs, for consistency
                between the two submission methods.  BUGZID: 50369

@CHANGE: Built for Qube! version 5.4-x
@FIX: Added code to convert backslashes to forward slashes in path names.
                BUGZID: 50679
@FIX: Added code to properly handle "waiting" status returned by
                requestWork(), in mtor jt.
@NOTE: One should instead use the "Nuke (cmdline)" jobtype built-in to the QubeGUI for Nuke 5.0 and above
@CHANGE: Built for Qube! version 5.4-x
@CHANGE: Changing the "detail" parameter to reflect vendor/owner
                change of Nuke.               
                Also added the "app_exec_names" parameter for later converting the
                nuke jobtype to be based on JobTypeLib.           
@CHANGE: Modified executable-searching code so that it's a bit more
                robust.  Note that the change effectively breaks compatiblity for
                old Nuke versions (those released by D2Software, and possibly the
                first couple of releases by the Foundry).  BUGZID: 58102

@CHANGE: Built for Qube! version 5.4-x

@CHANGE: Built for Qube! version 5.4-x

@CHANGE: Built for Qube! version 5.4-x
@CHANGE: Added some info to print, when running legacy JavaScript backend.
@CHANGE: Adding "job_flags=disable_windows_job_object" to job.conf.
                Modern versions of XSI seem to have started using job objects.
@CHANGE: Modified default behavior when "appversion" isn't specified
                in the package.
                Now assumes version 6.x or above if "appversion" isn't given as a
                package variable, and runs the new script instead of the
                old run.js script.
@FIX: Fixed a couple of python code errors, where int and str objects
                were being concatenated.  BUGZID: 57048