Author Topic: Tip: Using the new Studio Defaults to set multiple user's prefs (added in 5.4)  (Read 2863 times)

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The Studio Defaults option was added to the QubeGUI in the 5.4 release.  The goal is to provide studios the capability to set preferences for multiple users, while still allowing them to adjust their individual preferences.

1) Create a studio_prefs.conf file (naming is up to you)
    a) Set all the desired preferences in a QubeGUI
    b) Click on "File->Save Preference Defaults" and pick the location
2) Set the studio prefs when launching the QubeGUI.  This updates the user prefs by storing the path to the studio prefs file that will be loaded first.  When the user closes out the QubeGUI, it will automatically store that studio prefs path in the user's preferences for next time.  Example:
    a) Remove the user's qube gui preferences (the file is listed in the QubeGUI log when it starts up)
    a) ./ --defaultprefs ~/Desktop/qube_guiStudioDefaults.conf
    b) Click on the "close" button or manually do a File->Save Preferences.
    c) Relaunch the QubeGUI and the preferences should be there.