Author Topic: Qube! GUI 5.4.5 Now Available for Download from our FTP Site  (Read 3324 times)


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The QubeGUI 5.4.5 has been placed on the ftp server at
  and is available for immediate download.  It mostly has a few small tweaks and bugfixes.  See below for full list

@FEATURE:   XSI BatchRender: in-app submission now provides list of 
passes to choose from
@FIX:       XSI BatchRender: in-app submission now properly sets the 
job name from the scene name
@FIX:       SimpleCmds: Have default min/max for "int" spin ctrls be 
0-10000 instead of 0-100.
@FIX:       Launching: Addressed limitation that launching qube.exe 
needed to be done from current
             working directory or from an absolute path.  Issue was with py2exe compiled version py2exe [Windows only]

@FEATURE:   Mentalray: Added mentalray standalone 3.7.1 (used by Maya 
2009) to the dropdown version list.
@FEATURE:   Mentalray: Added browse button to the "mentalray command" 
@FEATURE:   AfterEffects: Adding CS4 (9.0) as a version option for the 
AfterEffects submission dialog.
@FIX:       Maya: Set submitted current working directory to user's 
home directory to address render
             failing issue with Maya 2009 on OSX.
@FIX:       SimpleCmds: Adjusting simplecmd search path order to put 
additional simplecmd paths ahead
             of the default simplecmd/ path.  This allows one to override the default simplecmds with
             ones from a network path.
@FIX:       SimpleCmds: Fixing issue where only simplecmd options 
could be substituted into the "command".
             Now allowing all package variables to be substituted.
             This allows one to create package variables on the fly (as in postDialog) that can then
             go directly into the command.
@FIX:       SimpleCmds: Changed default file mask from *.* to * to be 
inclusive for Linux paths
@FIX:       Submit: Allowing 'cpus' and 'priority' to be specified as 
either strings or ints in the --submitDict dictionary.
@FIX:       Submit: Better error reporting when the --submitDict value 
is invalid.
@FIX:       Job Save/Load: Submit->From File... will now read in .xja 
and .qja jobs with range not set.
             This was a qubegui issue where the Range could be None.
             The SetValue() is now only be called if the value is not None.
@FIX:       Output Panel: Added explicit conversion of images to RGB 
for the PIL (Python Image Library).
@FIX:       Stdout/Stderr Panels: Corrected display of Japanese.   
Reverting feature specifying fixed-width font added in 5.4.0.
@FIX:       Help: Fixed search path for QubeGUI help docs.
@FIX:       Set the cwd when submitting a maya job.
@DEV:       Help: Embedded QubeGUI help docs in OSX
@DEV:       Help: Using QubeGUI docs in the qb/api/python/qb/gui 
             Removing the redundant ones from the bin/ directory.
             Keeping the ones in the on OSX.
             Accessible directly from the Help menu.