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Drive mapping questions
« on: June 05, 2009, 06:06:22 PM »
I'm on an all windows setup with the workers and the clients all working off of metaLAN. The nice feature is that it force mounts all the shares to the workers and the clients. Making all drives the same letters on all of the boxes no matter what any artist does. It helps eliminate a lot of location issues but I found an interesting problem.

When I submit an AFX or 3DSMax job it errors out if I use drive letters that i dont have set to automount. Which i can't set since they don't login using windows credentials. SO is there something I'm missing with turning off automount and setting the paths to Z:\Scenes and Z:\Output to make it work? the drive paths are correct and every worker can get there but it errors unless i use a share from another solution.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Scot Brew

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Re: Drive mapping questions
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2009, 05:57:50 PM »
The worker_drive_map feature sounds like what you need to use.

The worker_drive_map option works identically to the way the client_drive_map works, except the "worker" one sets that drive map for all jobs running on it while the "client" one passes in along with the job the map that it should use. 

This worker_drive_map was a feature added in Qube 5.3 and follows the identical format to the client_drive_map in the qb.conf file.  In the present release one has to set this value directly in the qb.conf on the Worker or qbwrk.conf in the Supervisor.  It will be an option exposed in the Configuration GUI in the next release.

Here is more information on it from the "What's New in Qube 5.3" (see for the link):

Worker Drive Maps (Windows)
There is a new worker drive map feature, particular to Windows workers, which instructs workers to automatically mount specified drives before they
process jobs.
These are set up exactly like client drive maps (see the client_drive_map documentation for syntax), but in qb.conf of each worker, or qbwrk.conf, as
Code: [Select]
worker_drive_map = {X:|\\SERVER\SHARE}or, for example,
To specify username/password for a worker drive map, the following syntax may be used. Again, also refer to the instructions for client_drive_map.
or, for example,
Note: To use this, specify it directly in the qb.conf configuration file.
Code: [Select]
worker_drive_map = {Z:|\\home\geebers}
worker_drive_map = {Z:|qubeuser:0fbc8b129210914f769564cbd30ae5cb4397f9615299ce8d1e1cf065e97bf063@\\rnd\home}