Author Topic: cmdline job fails - Why?  (Read 6208 times)


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cmdline job fails - Why?
« on: June 03, 2009, 02:22:28 PM »
I'm running into issues getting Qube up and running on our reconfigured network.
I can send a simple qbsub -hosts -cpus 1 sleep 100 to the one worker I setting up.
When I send a simple cmdline job it appears to complete but the Stderr shows:

Starting "/Applications/Autodesk/maya2008/"
*** Fatal Error: Failed creating directory: /Autodesk/maya
Maya could not create the necessary startup directories.
Please check for sufficient disk space and necessary write permissions.

I checked the obvious, like disk space and permissions of the drive and folders but I cant see the solution.

I'm running all OSX machines and in user rather than proxy. Although I can happily change this back if it will help.

Thanks for any help offered.


Scot Brew

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Re: cmdline job fails - Why?
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2009, 03:51:33 AM »
If you are running a cmdline "sleep" job and the stdout/stderr returned are for a Maya job, then the job logs are out of sync.

See the post at for how to address this and have it return the correct logs for the job.

For a maya batchrender job, try running the simplecmd job for it (Submit->Maya BatchRender).  The main requirement there is to just specify the executable location.