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Quick Features Question
« on: July 09, 2009, 03:33:53 PM »
Hi ... I am currently evaluating Qube vs. Royal Render. I am interested in a couple features that Royal render has and was wondering if Qube has anything like them.

1. Can Qube split a massive frame apart to multiple render clients. (For print this is super helpful .. images can be upwards of 10k).

"If you want to render highres images, then RRender is able to split a frame and let each client render one part of the image. (only if region rendering is supported by your renderer)"

2. Remote access to jobs. Royal render lets you check your renders from a web interface so you check the job remotely.

"View a job's status, its frame completion bar, rendered frames or render log files from anywhere in the company, on the road or from home. No more babysitting at the company at the weekend. Or visit a caf? while you wait for rendering - your mobile will tell you how much time you have for tea."

3. Pre and Post render scripts.