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PipelineFX Releases Qube!
« on: October 23, 2009, 07:56:52 PM »
Leading render manager provides support for new OS versions, new applications and adds functionality and improves ease of use

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Re: PipelineFX Releases Qube!
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2010, 02:00:05 AM »
Release notes for 5.5-0-

@RELEASE: 5.5.0


Fedora 8 64.bit (ADDED)
Redhat Enterprise Linux 5.3 x64 (ADDED)
openSUSE Linux 11.1 x64 (ADDED)
Microsoft Vista (QUALIFIED)

Fedora Core 3.0 x86
Fedora Core 5.0 x86,x64
Redhat Linux 9.0 Win32
Redhat Enterprise Linux 3.0 x86
Redhat Enterprise Linux 4.0 x86,x64
Redhat Enterprise Linux 5.2 x64
Suse Linux 9.3 x86
Suse Linux 10.0 x86
Suse Linux 10.1 x64
Apple OSX 10.4/10.5 Universal
Windows Vista/2003/XP/2000 x86,x64

* Major revisions and streamlining to documentation for User and Installation
* Added new Python API calls used by QubeGUI Administration and User menus.
* Python qb.query module for direct MySQL queries.  Used by QubeGUI.
* Exposed "shell" parameter for cmdline/cmdrange jobtypes.
* Allow one to enable or disable auto-start of Qube Worker and Supervisor on
* Desktop Worker functionality enabled.  See QubeGUI for access.
* Added a read-only "qube_readonly" MySQL user for direct queries
* Small modifications to python examples.
* Added Perl 5.10 support for the Windows platform

        Documentation: Major revision for Installation and User Guides
        * Updating installation manual with latest info from QubeGUI and jobtypes. 
        * Adding Recommended Configuration section
        * Streamlining verbage and consolitating installation steps.
        * Updating uninstall on OSX process
        * Reformatted and reorganized
        * Updating QubeGUI info
        * Adding "Common Actions" section
        * Using QubeGUI for instrument for "how to do things" instead of
        Enhancing python API with new functions:
        * supervisorconfig
        * workerconfig
        * localconfig
        * updatelocalconfig
        * shove
        Fixing return values for a few python API calls
        * bool return value for QbFile::save()
        * updatelocalconfig to return True/False on success of save of qb.conf.
        * Added qb.query module for direct MySQL queries. This is used by the
        Python API changes:
        * exposed lower level functionality in _qb C++ module for updatelocalconfig
        * qb.updatelocalconfig() now mostly in python.  Using now exposed lower
          level functionality in _qb.  Now works with OSX security authentication
        * to optionally return dict of parameters (Request from Burk
        Feature (Python API): adding qb.encryptpassword() for generating an
        encrypted password string from a raw string.
        Used in the new QubeGUI Configuration UI.
        Enhancements to Python API for easier configuration of Qube
        * Adding optional supervisor to the python call.
        * Renaming QB_DEFAULT_CONF_PATH to QB_CLIENT_DEFAULT_CONF to keep with API
        Adding additional constants to qb python api.
        Constants added are to find the qb.lic, qb.conf, workerlog, supelog, etc.
        Adding qb.workerping() api function
        Exposed "shell" parameter for cmdline/cmdrange jobtypes backend.
        (OSX) Updating supevisor and worker daemon starters to not start
        if /etc/hostconfig has values set to -NO-
        This allows one to manually start the Supervisor and Worker instead of
        it always starting at boot time.  By default, it will autostart the
        daemons at boot time.  This will allow one to install the daemon but
        not start it so that the Desktop Worker can be used instead.
        Adjusted what looking for in workid for dependency callbacks so job
        dependencies work as expected
        Adding Desktop Worker for OSX and Linux.  Updating worker --help and
        * Adding desktop worker option for OSX and Linux
        * updated --help text with all options
        * added some comments for future work
        Changed timer code to use gettimeofday() instead of clock() since
        clock() only measures running time, not suspended time like is done when
        it is waiting for something.
        Added _qb.configStrToDict
        Used internally for reading in the conf file
        Added def qbadmin_reconfigureworkers()
        Added def updateworkerconfig(configDict, hostnames, auth=True)
        Exposed "admincommandstr"
        Used internally for calling admin commands like worker reconfigure, etc.
        Exposing encryped password string instead of displaying ******
        This is useful for modifying worker configs.
        Changing license counts to ints in instead of keeping them
        as strings.
        Fixing returned dict for qb.workerping() for macaddress
        (and the others properly offset)
        Modified python examples
        * Changing "range" variable to "agendaRange" in examples so do not
          clobber the standard python function range()
        * use "cmdline" for package parameter instead of incorrect "cmdrange"
        * Correcting example python submission script to use 'cmdline' parameter.
        Allow spaces in agenda item names
        This allows one to have spaces in the names of the agenda items and
        represent it in the range field.
        Can now do: "ls, echo HI, set" as the cmdrange range with QB_FRAME_RANGE
        in the cmdline to have it execute each of those function calls
        Adding python submission example with email callback
        Updated Work.package doc to mention that it is not used by cmdline or
        cmdrange and is an optional structure that can be used for custom
        jobtype dev.
        Adding client_logpath (get_client_logpath, set_client_logpath) as an API
        function to override default path in qb.conf.
        This allows one to use multiple supervisors and get the proper
        It will be used in the QubeGUI via python.
        Having qbusers --all also include reset job permission (n)
        Results for qbusers --add --all myuser:
                ---- jcg krmpbuicseyqgpvftn
        instead of
                ---- jcg krmpbuicseyqgpvft-
        Adding qb.getusers() and qb.setusers() to python api.
        This exposes all functionality exposed in the qbusers commandline tool.
        This will allow the QubeGUI to be able to add user display and management.
        Note in the python docs that qb.lock scheduler starts with Sunday.
        Added a read-only "qube_readonly" MySQL user for direct queries
        Added capability to specify workers for "qbadmin w -refresh"