Author Topic: New Qube 5.5.1 Point Release Now Available for Download  (Read 6161 times)

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New Qube 5.5.1 Point Release Now Available for Download
« on: December 14, 2009, 06:04:12 PM »

The Qube 5.5.1 point release fixes a variety of identified issues along with adding a few new features for the QubeGUI, Qube Jobtypes, and Qube Core. The components are fully compatible with 5.5.0, though it is recommended to update all the components when possible.

For customers on support, this update can be downloaded directly from:

==== Qube Core/Supervisor/Worker ====

   Adding C++ examples for priority modification, and submitting with a range.
   Handle a minor qb.genframes()/qb.rangesplit() where "1001," will come up
   with 2 Work items instead of 1.  Omitting the empty valued Work items in the list.
   Cmdline and Cmdrange jobtypes will now source .cshrc or other initialization
   scripts with the default or specified shell.
   Build python on all x64 linux platforms.
   Automatically handle MySQL non-standard port (3300) for Windows.
   Handling supervisor autodetection case for MySQL query test
   Various documentation tweaks.
   Added "special" platform sections for qbwrk.conf. [winnt], [linux], [osx]

==== QubeGUI ====

   Prefs: Add external image viewer presets to the QubeGUI Prefs to
           make it easy to specify external viewers.
           (Fcheck, Firefox, Frame Cycler, Internet Explorer, RV)
   Maya: Added "renderThread" package data for maya job submissions.
   Cinema4D: Adding "Cinema 4D (Windows)" to the Submit menu.

   Submit: Adding "omitgroups" job property to the submission dialog.
   Submit: Added subjob timeout to submission interface
   Submit: Expose "shell" parameter to cmdline/cmdrange SimpleCmds.
           Will add the field if not already added in the SimpleCmd properties.
   Submit: fileMask now properly handles "All Files (*.* and *)" for all
           platforms in filebrowsebutton. This addresses an issue where *.* would
           not show all files on Linux, "" would not show any files on Linux,
           since it was looking for *, and Windows expected "*.*"
   Submit: Addressing "job (rt-click)->Execute in Local Shell" issues.  Handle
           complex commandlines that use double quotes (") on OSX.  Substitute
           for QB_FRAME_START for "job (rt-click)->Execute in Local Shell".
   Performance: Use "pgrp:" instead of "id:" for search string field
           for the metajob panel.
   Admin: Performing check to see if Worker running before trying to kill it
           in Administration->Worker->Stop.
   Admin: Use QBDIR to help determine location of worker.exe for Desktop Worker
   Admin: Only try to remove the desktop worker shortcut autostart if it exists. (Windows)
   Admin: Addressing identified issues (mostly on Linux) for the
           Worker/Supervisor daemon control menu.
   Admin: Adding checking of return values for success/failure for some
           of the admin menu actions.
   Admin: Performing checks for permissions on files needed to run the
           Desktop Worker
   Admin: Rescan for enabling "Configure" option in rt-click Host List menu
           each time rt-click menu is enabled.  This allows a switch in
           supervisors and also gets around the calling of the enable/disable
           before the supervisor is contacted initially.
   3dsMax: Automatically set the job flags for the "enableDBR" option
   Maya Batch: Handle cases in mayabatch resubmit when setting dialog
           options (in preDialog) where the package parameters are "None" type,
           but expected to be of type string.
   Maya: Removing "x<step>" in the range for in-app submission in Maya.
           It was having some issues with the frame fps and creating non-integer values.
   Maya/Mtor: Corrected mtor in-app submission parameters
   Maya: Handling limitation with Maya 2010 on OSX requiring
           MAYA_LOCATION to be set.  Adding a parameter to add the sourcing of
  on OSX if /Applications/ starts the exe path.
   Maya: [All Maya jobtypes] Dynamically determining QubeGUI Path to
           use for in-app submission instead of being done just at Maya launch.
           This updates the executable to launch immediately after the
           preference is changed inside Maya.
   Maya: Added error reporting for Maya in-app submissions if it cannot
           find the QubeGUI executable.
   AfterEffects: Removed multi-select for Composition parameter.
   AfterEffects: Setting the "Output File Path" option to be a file and
           also adding details in mouse-over help string.
   AfterEffects: Generate agenda if range has text or numbers.  Do not
           generate agenda for aftereffects_aerender if range is blank.
   Docs: Minor docs update.
   Docs: Jobtype docs formatting tweak to properly handle new lines (\n)
           to for html.

==== Maya Jobtype ====

   Added thread count controlling code.  Exposed thread counts.
   Needed to set the "defaultRenderGlobals.numCpusToUse" parameter.
   This addresses an issue with Maya only running on 2 threads on the Nahalem
   processors instead of all of them.

==== MiGen Jobtype ====

   Syntax error in

====Mtor Jobtype ====

   Modified code that computes the tmpfile location, so that it won't
   try to prepend the project root to the "torTmps" tmpdir returned by mtor
   if it's already an absolute path.