Author Topic: Qubeproxy group sharing GID 20 with OSX group "staff"  (Read 5748 times)


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Qubeproxy group sharing GID 20 with OSX group "staff"
« on: March 18, 2010, 05:36:33 PM »
This occurs only on OSX 10.5 and above.

The worker installation scripts create a 'qubeproxy' group that ends up with a group ID (GID) of 20. This conflicts with the default OSX group that every user is part of named "staff" with GID 20.

This can be verified by running the following shell command:

Code: [Select]
dscl . -read /Groups/staff PrimaryGroupID
which will return:

    PrimaryGroupID: 20

Now run

Code: [Select]
dscl . -read /Groups/qubeproxy PrimaryGroupID
It will probably return the same GID value of 20.

If the qubeproxy group does not exist, you will see this output instead:

    <dscl_cmd> DS Error: -14136 (eDSRecordNotFound)

Once you've verified that you do have a qubeproxy group, and it's got a GID of 20, the fix is to delete the qubeproxy group.  This group is not necessary in OSX v10.5 or v10.6.

Run the following command to delete the qubeproxy group:

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sudo dscl . -delete /Groups/qubeproxy
Try and read the entry for the qubeproxy group again, you should get an error this time since the group should no longer exist.

Code: [Select]
dscl . -read /Groups/qubeproxy
    <dscl_cmd> DS Error: -14136 (eDSRecordNotFound)

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