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windir 1.0-5 Posted
« on: December 02, 2004, 04:51:49 AM »
Hey everyone, windir 1.0-5 is now available.? ?

Windir is a RedHat linux kernel module which was designed and developed to emulate Windows Drive letters on Linux.? It allows a RedHat linux admin to simply create a file and map drive letters to already mounted directories:

? ? /etc/dostab

? ? ? H:? ? ? ? ? ? ?/home
? ? ? P:? ? ? ? ? ? ?/app

The end result is a linux machine which is capable of rendering a maya scene file without path translation.? ?This in theory also works for any application which embeds Windows file paths in it's file format.

We are making this module available to those who have valid licenses for qube! It is against our software agreement to distribute (sell or giveaway) this module without prior permission from Pipelinefx L.L.C.

Thanks to Sprite Entertainment for beta testing this module for over a year.? Please keep in mind that this module is still "under development" and doesn't work for all Maya Scene files.

Please download from:

Thank you,
? ? Pipelinefx support