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Announcements / Maintenance Release 6.10-1 of Qube! Now Available
« Last post by jburk on July 24, 2018, 04:55:02 AM »
This is a maintenance release of the Qube! Core/Supervisor/Worker/ArtistView/WranglerView products.

This is a recommended release for all customers running Qube v6.10-0; customers already running v6.10-0a need only upgrade if they are impacted by any issues addressed by this release.

Notable changes and fixes are:
  • Workers are always "auto-remove"d when shut down, even if "auto_remove" is not set in worker_flags.
  • Absurdly inaccurate cumulative cpu time for agenda items noted in rare cases (4000+ days)
  • Data warehouse slot counts (farm size) can be inaccurate at times; a worker whose configured slot count changes worker is added to the worker_dim dimension table as many times as there are expired entries for that same worker.   This can cause the pfx_dw.slotcount_fact table which tracks farm size to grow very large.
Please see for the complete release notes.
Announcements / CentOS-7.5 Now Supported in Qube! Maintenance Release 7.0-1
« Last post by jburk on July 20, 2018, 12:11:10 AM »
Full support for CentOS-7.5 has been added to the existing 7.0-1 maintenance release of Qube.  This includes all core functionality and the graphical user interfaces.

See What's New in Qube and Qube Release Notes
Announcements / Maintenance Release 7.0-1 of Qube! Now Available
« Last post by pipelinescott on July 10, 2018, 12:02:57 AM »
Today, we have released the 7.0-1 version of Qube!. It is a maintenance release with fixes for the recently released version of Qube! 7.0-0 that came with Postgres.

See the associated changes in the release notes (if these notes are not live on the evening of 7/9/2018 Pacific Time, please check back on 7/10):

Download the Qube Installer:

Check the Technical Specs:
We've had a report from one customer that installing the Qube 7.0-0a supervisor on a Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 host fails within the first few seconds.  We were able to reproduce this on the same version of Windows Server.

The problem can be identified by:
  • supervisor installation fails very quickly (~2s)
  • Running the "C:\Program Files\pfx\qube\utils\qbservice.exe" program fails with a pop-up dialog saying some DLLs are missing, namely: api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll
The solution is to download and install the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 and then re-attempt the supervisor installation.
  • Versions affected: 7.0-0, 7.0-0a
  • Platforms affected: all
  • Severity: Newly-installed Windows and linux workers are unable to run python-based jobs.  Upgraded workers on Windows and linux, and all workers on OS X may exhibit more subtle behavior mimicking a version mismatch between API and jobtype versions

We've noted that the qube-core installer has been incorrectly packaged, and will place the files that should be in the QBDIR/api/python/qb/.. directory tree all into the api/python directory.  When upgrading from a previous version of Qube, the compiled .pyc files that were generated from the modules are left behind, so the issue may not be immediately obvious as the .pyc can be used in place of the .py files. 

On Windows and linux, the files are only in the api/python directory, while on OS X the files are duplicated into api/python.

A subtle side effect of this bug is that if older .pyc files are loaded, it can appear that the API is an older version than the jobtypes despite all Qube components being of the same version, and some python-based jobtypes will fail with the following error:

AttributeError: 'CmdRangeBackEnd' object has no attribute 'outputPaths_required'

This can occur either during the upgrade procedure from Qube 6 to Qube 7 or if the supervisor configuration is modified with WranglerView 7.0-0 or 7.0-0a at any time after a successful installation or upgrade.

The root cause of both of these issues is due to a

database_port=3300 (or 3306)

line present in the supervisor's qb.conf file.  If your supervisor's supelog file contains entries like:

[Jun 13, 2018 17:37:29] jburk-15-mbPro[74627]: ERROR: QbDatabasePostgreSQL::_connect() Unable To Init Database: could not connect to server: No such file or directory
   Is the server running locally and accepting
   connections on Unix domain socket "/tmp/.s.PGSQL.3306"?

please open the qb.conf in a text editor, comment out the database_port line, and restart the supervisor service.

We will be patching the installation and upgrade procedures, as well as WranglerView, to address this in the next few days.
Announcements / Maintenance/Patch Release 7.0-0a of Qube! Now Available
« Last post by jburk on May 31, 2018, 07:56:04 PM »
This is a supervisor-only patch release of Qube! 7.0.0 that includes the following key fix:
  • @FIX: jobs submitted that reserve a global resource never run
This bug was introduced at 7.0-0, where jobs specifying any global resource reservation would be stuck indefinitely in "pending" state. 

It was previously noted in our 'Known Issues' board as topic: Qube 7.0-0 supervisor - jobs reserving a global resource never start

Complete release notes are available on our documentation site.
UPDATE: this has been fixed in 7.0-0a, released 5/31/2018 at 12:00 PDT

The 7.0-0 supervisor has a known bug which prevents jobs reserving a global resource from running.  These jobs stay in the "pending" state forever and are not dispatched.   We are actively working on this, and will be releasing a 7.0-0a patch in the next few days.

Customers using Qube's global resource feature in production should wait until 7.0-0a is available before upgrading.

This topic will be updated once this issue is fixed, and we will also be posting in our Announcements forum.  We'd recommend subscribing to either this topic or the Announcements in order to receive notifications when 7.0-0a is available.
Announcements / Qube! 7.0-0 with Postgres Released!
« Last post by pipelinescott on May 23, 2018, 11:36:44 PM »
Version 7.0-0 of Qube! has been released and is immediately available for download.

Major and groundbreaking changes come to this version of Qube!

- Qube! now runs off of Postgres
- Supervisors can be acquired free of charge
- Performance is noticeably better with Postgres
- A functional version of the NEW Qube UI is available for you to test upon request

Other benefits included in this release:

- New Metered Licensing email alerts about usage and spending
- Support in OS X 10.13 High Sierra
- Support for Maya and 3DS Max 2018
- Support for After Effects CC 2018
- Support for Nuke Frame Server and NukeStudio
- Support for Unreal Sequencer job submission
- Support for Keyshot job submission

Downloads available at:

Tech specs:


While technically possible it is not recommended to run more than one instance of aerender per worker.  The issue is that each instance of aerender will attempt to use all available cores on the worker, and in our experience this creates a higher rate of hung processes and failed frames.



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